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Revival Woodworks is dedicated to reviving wood to its true beauty. Through our sustainable designs from re-purposed materials like pallets, barn wood, and reclaimed materials often thrown out, we are able to create beautiful home designs that can be enjoyed! We believe that wood has a natural beauty that should be brought out and restored, not covered or thrown away.

#TBT - Humble Beginnings: Learning Woodworking at Age 10


Ideas a free, but you'll have to pay attention. 

Woodworking takes patients and practice. Our blog is here to share ideas and pull the curtain back on how we do what we do. We understand that there are many ways to do things, and love to hear other opinions.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, or share your thoughts. Enjoy!


#TBT - Humble Beginnings: Learning Woodworking at Age 10

Adam Koons

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Getting Started In Woodworking

Growing up in north central Ohio, there wasn't much to do for fun. We created our own fun in the summers, and I was a typical kid that was always bored, and had nothing to do. However, one of the best parts about the rural summers are the county fairs. The 4-H program offers youth so many opportunities for development, learning, and friendship. I value my experience with 4-H greatly, and believe it helped shape my personality, skills, and friendships that I still have today. 

However, my 4-H experience wasn't "typical". Most people think that 4-H is only "cows and plows", meaning you have to be a farmer and show livestock at the fair. This is far from the truth! I spent 9 years in the program and didn't take livestock to the fair once. My experience was completely through woodworking, cooking, leadership, and other development projects. I was blessed with the opportunity to create, compete, and represent my county at the state level several times, displaying and sharing the work I did in my family workshop. I learned to speak about my work, and talk with others about what I did. I was given the opportunity to participate in county and state camps and retreats as both a participant and a counselor. I learned to work on teams to prepare for the fair, summer camp, or other events. 

So here we are 15+ years later, since my first 4-H judging, and in a recent trip to my mother's house, I discovered all my project posters, books, awards, and everything in between! My mother has kept all the projects, and they are great memories that I have to look back on. In a mini-series of Throw-Back-Thursdays of Humble Beginnings, I would like to share my projects with you. 


4-H Furniture Restoration - Age 10

This is the Furniture Restoration project I took at age 10. We purchased an old dresser from a garage sale, and I remember that it stunk worse than anything I had ever smelled! It was a great first project to learn on. I learned a process, used power tools, and actually won first place at the county fair with it. Today it is still in used and enjoyed at my childhood home.

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