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Revival Woodworks is dedicated to reviving wood to its true beauty. Through our sustainable designs from re-purposed materials like pallets, barn wood, and reclaimed materials often thrown out, we are able to create beautiful home designs that can be enjoyed! We believe that wood has a natural beauty that should be brought out and restored, not covered or thrown away.



Ideas a free, but you'll have to pay attention. 

Woodworking takes patients and practice. Our blog is here to share ideas and pull the curtain back on how we do what we do. We understand that there are many ways to do things, and love to hear other opinions.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, or share your thoughts. Enjoy!


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How to Build A Beehive - Part 2: Building Beehive Boxes - Deeps and Mediums

Adam Koons

Part 2 in the series of “do it yourself” beehive building. Learn how to build the bee hive boxes and see our process of making deep brood boxes and medium honey supers. Our 8 frame langstroth hives are built using only materials that can be found at big box hardware stores!.

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