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Revival Woodworks is dedicated to reviving wood to its true beauty. Through our sustainable designs from re-purposed materials like pallets, barn wood, and reclaimed materials often thrown out, we are able to create beautiful home designs that can be enjoyed! We believe that wood has a natural beauty that should be brought out and restored, not covered or thrown away.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table


Ideas a free, but you'll have to pay attention. 

Woodworking takes patients and practice. Our blog is here to share ideas and pull the curtain back on how we do what we do. We understand that there are many ways to do things, and love to hear other opinions.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, or share your thoughts. Enjoy!


Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Adam Koons

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We recently came across several large boxes of Lath from a 1920's house in Worthington, OH. Since I have a weakness for free wood, I knew I could put into good use at some point! So after picking it up, I began searching for good ideas to use scrap wood pieces for furniture. I wasn't surprised to find ideas on Pinterest, and other furniture builders sites, that would be simple enough to make in a few hours. 

I decided that using the lath for table tops and a coffee table would be an easy place to start. I decided to use 1/2" plywood as my canvas for creating my table top. I had found a few pieces of glass at a local second hand store that will be perfect to cover the wood and give me a good clean table. I cut the plywood to be exactly the same size as the glass, for a clean fit. 

After cutting my plywood, I made a good pile of lath to to begin de-nailing. Pounding out nails and pulling them is the way i start most every project. It isn't glamorous, but the end result adds a unique look to the pieces we create! 

Next it was time to decide on a design. There are many unique ways to layout the wood for a natural pleasing design. I decided I would stick to cutting 45 degree angles and using as many long pieces as possible. I started with several diagonals, and I laid them out to reach from corner to corner.  This made sure that the design was centered and symmetrical for all the other pieces.  

 I am fortunate enough to have two miter saws in my shop so I set one up on a 45 degree angle, and one on square. I then cut each piece to size, and made sure to use the sizes in the least wasteful ways. Glue and a nail gun made this process easy! Once I cut my wood, the piece got some glue and 4-5 brads to hold it in place. 


Overall, I am pleased with how the table top turned out. Being intentional about the color of the reclaimed wood helps the overall design. All the wood was natural and no stains, paints or varnish were used. 

We will be adding a frame and legs to the table top next! It should be a unique reclaimed coffee table soon!