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(419) 561-0378

Revival Woodworks is dedicated to reviving wood to its true beauty. Through our sustainable designs from re-purposed materials like pallets, barn wood, and reclaimed materials often thrown out, we are able to create beautiful home designs that can be enjoyed! We believe that wood has a natural beauty that should be brought out and restored, not covered or thrown away.


Our Process

   Click the Image to buy the plans!  -  Reclaimed Barn Wood And Corregated Metal Shelves 

Click the Image to buy the plans! - Reclaimed Barn Wood And Corregated Metal Shelves 

Old run down barn? Disregarded stack of pallets?   We see opportunity. 

Reclaiming the old and creating new pieces is our passion. Items of the past are made with quality and handcrafted care. We believe in preserving that history and making something new and usable. 

We carefully select and harvest real authentic barn wood. We find quality disregarded pallets. We make the rustic defects aesthetically beautiful in furniture and finishes. 

It takes some time, but finding the right wood, separating it out, de-nailing it, and cutting it into usable pieces is rewarding. After selecting just the right piece of wood, we find ways to re-imagine it and build new items. 

We love working with clients and creating their vision. Your ideas matched with our craftsmanship creates unique items!  We take pride in building with all the reclaimed materials as possible.  Typically, our furniture is made of 100% recycled materials.

Looking for a unique reclaimed item or piece of rustic furniture? Check out our shop or contact us today!

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 Upcycled Pallet Bench

Upcycled Pallet Bench

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